Monday, May 9, 2011

Metal work 1 (w/ Performance)


Copper, Patina, Acrylic paint, Varnish, 35"x 13"x 10", 2014

                           It requires straightening up the upper body and leaning the head backwards which represent
                           a powerful and confident pose. 


Copper, Patina, Acrylic paint, Varnish, 36 ”x18”x16”, 2014

Inspired by trees growing around a chain-link fence.  Growing between the links, branches can become intertwined and the bark of the wood can embed into the fencing as the trunk grows wider. The impression of the fence gives a sense that the tree is not giving way and rather it is staying in the fight. The shape of the tree is cascading in a steep decent and the human, bended body mimics this.



Copper, silver, Bonsai wire, Paintbrush Bristles, 10”x6”x5.5”, 2008

 The wearer’s wrist is wrapped around with roots and index finger is unnaturally raised by wire which constricts and impedes the body movement. This piece represents the start of a dream and the silver flowers for a utopian, idealized, and romantic dream in an early stage of the journey.



Copper, Bonsai wire, Vegetable net bag, 15”x6”x5.5”, 2008

The wearer has to fully bend her elbow, and her wrist has to be crooked in order to fit her hand into the piece. The whole arm and two of her fingers are restricted by roots and wire. Furthermore, the wearer has to twist her torso, causing pain during prolonged periods. This piece represents that humans recognize the burden and respond to pressure when frustration is increased.



Copper, Electrical Connector, Acrylic paint, 30”x24”x37”, 2009

The piece represents the climax of hardship and difficulty. The substantially heavy work is hung around and pulled down the wearer’s neck. To put the piece on properly, the wearer needs to bend her knees, lean her body forward and drop her head down. The pose of the body expresses depression, distress, and deformity.



Copper, Sterling Silver, Cheesecloth, Patina, Acrylic paint, 42”x19”x22”, 2009

        This piece gives the wearer extreme difficulty, especially when the roots are forcing the wearer’s head downward and in a sideways direction and two hands are leaning backwards and holding the rest of the piece up. There is a feeling of extreme loss when the terrible hardships have caused so much anguish and struggle without any hope in sight.


Detail 1

Detail 2

Copper, Silver, Acrylic paint, 40”x25”x23”, 2009

       The piece requires the wearer to lie down on the branches with her back facing upwards. The roots are placed under her abdomen area, which symbolizes the production of new life. Two branches emerge from each side under her arms growing upwards around the torso. The piece signifies the beginning of acceptance of change. This adaptation is a representation of never giving up hope in the face of adversity so that growth can occur.


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